29 10 2014


Guess what?  We’re home!  It’s been close to 23 months away – just a little more than we expected and we’ve landed back in the Hornsby area of NSW.  To those that said we’d never come back… hahaha you’re wrong :-)!

Just a little over a week ago we were camping out in our good friends back yard in Bellata, near Narrabri NSW.  Katherine & Trent have established themselves a lovely home and have a gorgeous almost 6 month old, who was spoilt with many cuddles from all and especially Dan.  It was such a wonderful way to end our time on the road to be with good friends.  As an extra bonus, Nick – who we worked with on a cattle station last year joined us for a week before he headed back to his home country, Germany.

Baby cuddles with Melia

Baby cuddles with Melia

What can I say as I reflect upon the last two years?  I’m not sure where to begin…..

Everyone’s travels are unique and our trip defiantly had it’s unique experiences.  The experiences are many and of such magnitude that a little time will be needed to process it all – the last two years we’ve experienced the lowest of low and some all time highs as well.  What first comes to mind though is the many people who have accommodated us, showing us kindness and genuine hospitality along our journey.  We are especially grateful to all these people – not anyone will just take on an extra six people on their property or in their home – so to all of you THANK YOU!

  • Trevor & Janine for giving us city people our first go on their sheep farm in Kimba, SA AND for having us join them on their Easter holiday by the beach.
  • Camp Wattle Grove in Perth who don’t normally take campers but allowed us to stay, especially helpful as it was School Holidays.
  • Albert & Lynda of Badgingarra for having us on their fish farm and the many quad bike rides for the boys.
  • Wagoe Beach Quad Bikes for having us stay and do a little work near Kalbarri WA.
  • Warroora Station near Coral Bay WA for looking after us in tragic times.
  • Larry of Potshot Hotel in Exmouth WA for again looking after us in our time of need.
  • Christine & Andrew of Ashburton Station in the Pilbara WA for giving us ALL an amazing experience of station life with so many fond memories and stories to tell.
  • Andrew and and all the volunteers of Two Moon Whale Research station at Pender Bay WA for sharing your place of absolute paradise with us.
  • Rosie & Nick Linton of Broome who befriended us immediately, helped us find work, had us for Christmas and became genuine friends whom we miss.
  • Broome Auto Excellence for giving Stephen full time employment during our stay in Broome.
  • Anne, Dave and family who allowed us to rent their lovely furnished Broome  holiday home for the whole wet season.
  • Jo, Pete, Summer & Ciara who had us in their home in Broome for three weeks – love you guys :-).
  • Jo & Neville of Uptuyu on the Fitzroy River WA for having us stay, sharing your stories and bonding with great food and a laugh over the dinner table.
  • Pat & Peter of Mt Elizabeth Station just off the Gibb River Road, NT for having us stay and enjoy your lovely neck of the woods.
  • Karen & John of Crazy Acres, Berry Springs NT for having us stay on their wonderful mango farm and sampling their yummy home made ice creams.
  • Alice Wanderer Bus tours for giving Stephen some work during our stay in Alice Springs NT.
  • Jenny Marks for organising our stay in Samford, Qld at the Scout grounds and the scrummy dinner, coffees and washing our clothes!.
  • Katherine & Trent for having us at their lovely new home in Bellata NSW.

BUT as I contemplate all this the journey isn’t over.  LIFE is a journey, not just travel.  Our journey consisted of a camper trailer, changing destinations, itinerant work but life goes on – the journey continues.  It doesn’t end here – it just changes.  So I guess I’m talking about the good old saying “Life’s a journey not a destination”.  Our journey continues, as does everyones and some news on ours – very soon we sign a 6 month lease for a four bedroom house  to rent in Berowra!  Stephen is back at Hornsby Auto Electrical – all our old customers and new please phone him there and he’ll be all too happy to book you in, tell a few stores and look after your vehicles once again.

I’m uncertain at present what I will do with this blog – I imagine I may keep sharing a few photos and stories but I also have a camp cooking gluten free, photo journal and even a kids book in mind – so stay in touch, keep encouraging me and who knows what’s next!

Matt enjoying being home and taking Snoopy (Nana and Papa's dog) for a run

Matt enjoying being home and taking Snoopy (Nana and Papa’s dog) for a run

LOVING being with family again - we watched our nephew play cricket and Dan is going to join his team!

LOVING being with family again – we watched our nephew play cricket and Dan is going to join his team!




2 responses

29 10 2014

Well – the end of an amazing saga! What a rich store of memories that will stay with you all forever, and friendships for a lifetime. Welcome home McPherson Clan. We look forward to the next instalment(s) Chris!!
Love & blessings from beautiful Terrigal…come & see us & share your stories!!
Lorna xxx

29 10 2014

Welcome home! I am very glad to hear you are in the area again. I am looking forward to seeing you – and also to getting my car serviced. 🙂 Jane

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