Plenty Highway into Queensland

23 09 2014


Today we’re having our rear window replaced due to being smashed on the Plenty Highway.  It was a good decision to include unlimited windscreen/glass repairs to our vehicle insurance!  This is the third window we’ve had broken on our trip – and unfortunately the first one we didn’t think to use insurance :-(.

The Plenty Highway is a dirt road that leads from just above Alice Springs into Boulia, Queensland.  The first 100km or so is a single lane tar road and the rest is off road with a largish section of bull dust.  The bull dust isn’t really the problem, but the other rough areas seem to be what cause the damage.  It wasn’t just our rear window that smashed but also one of our water tanks has a rather large hole.  Mum & Dad had a few minor issues as well with wiring under their van all breaking, but that was easily fixed by Stephen.  They also have two extra chips to their windscreen.

Other than that it was still a nice way to travel to Queensland.  The scenery changes, red dirt to a sparse grey landscape to mulga scrub to beautiful ranges.  Gem Tree, as my previous blog states was our first stop over on the Plenty, then we travelled the 400km or so to Tobermorey Station for a two night stop over for some repairs.  It was a nice enough place to stop and it even had grass!  Something we haven’t seen in quite a while :-).

It was about another 250km into Boulia.  A nice little town with a park for lunch, some fuel to keep us going and a shop for some bread and milk.  Onwards we travelled to Middleton.  What’s at Middleton?  A pub… that’s it!  Check out the photos below – it’s quite a place full of character.  After dinner we had a drink with the owners and were privileged to see some fossils and dinosaur bones from around the area plus some opals.  Another bonus – one of the guests at the Middleton Pub helped Stephen & Dan replace the cracks on their whips – so now Dan can make more noise than ever!

From Middleton we travelled onto Longreach… Here is where we have organised to have our window fixed.  At camp it’s blowing a gail and dusty – but it is free.  Hopefully we can move on tomorrow and maybe even try our luck at fossicking for Sapphires this time!

Loads of willy willy's on the Plenty!

Loads of willy willy’s on the Plenty!

We've know been to EVERY state and territory on this trip!

We’ve now been to EVERY state and territory on this trip!

The Hilton Hotel @ Middleton

The Hilton Hotel @ Middleton

The Hilton Hotel

The Hilton Hotel

Our camp at Middleton

Our camp at Middleton

Middleton Pub - on the left is a chopper (their son call's in for a coffee on his way to work)

Middleton Pub – on the left is a chopper (their son call’s in for a coffee on his way to work)

Middleton… in the middle of nowhere :-)

Middleton… in the middle of nowhere 🙂

Cobb & Co

Cobb & Co




2 responses

23 09 2014

Congrats on getting to every State and Territory! Just catching up on your latest travels. You guys have been on the road for 20-odd months now…amazing. How is everyone holding up?

23 09 2014
Hit the Track

We’re all good – ready for home though (kind of), what ever that will be :-). We actually stopped travelling for 11 months (4 in the Pilbara & 7 in Broome). By the time we presume we will stop again (end of Oct) it will make 12 months of actual travel – quite an effort I say, with 6 people in a camper trailer!!!

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