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4 07 2014


It’s a beautiful evening here at Berry Springs NT… Cooking outside, kids playing and the bonus of no Mosquitos at present.

You know one of the only things I really miss while traveling in our camper trailer is a real fridge! Our little kitchen is great to cook by and a fire even better, our beds are comfy, we always have use of a shower and toilet – even if its our portable ones that we use from time to time. I have my own little washing machine plus enough power via solar to charge lap tops, phones, camera batteries and use the washing machine.

We’re currently Wwoofing at Crazy Acres mango farm and loving their lime ice cream! While we wait for parts to arrive we will visit Litchfield National Park from here. It’s all great here, although the shopping centers have driven me almost truly crazy, the crowds, car parks and hustle and bustle is all a little too much for a girl that’s spent so long away from it all :-)!

My dinner is cooked – I shall go to eat it now before we head off to some local night markets… Just thought I’d write a few waffles on what we are actually up to now, rather than the usual blogs of what we’ve just done :-).




One response

5 07 2014

Mmm dinner looks good! Have to say I share your dislike of crowded shopping centres & avoid the dreaded Westfield if I can.
Mangoes & lime ice cream sounds a bit hard to take!!
: ) L x

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