The Gibb River Road – King Edward River

6 06 2014

King Edward River is on the way to Mitchell Falls and down the Kalumburu road.  This is definitely the roughest part of the Gibb experience and technically not on the Gibb River road itself.

The turn off leads you past Drysdale Station.  It is a roadhouse, cattle station, caravan park, restaurant, accommodation all in one.  We were hoping to get some fresh food supplies …. haha – not here!  There was very limited food supplies as it was let alone anything fresh!  The kids revelled in the opportunity to buy themselves a chocolate bar each and share a soft drink.  There was some good shady areas to prepare and enjoy lunch before heading on further down the Kalumburu road.

The portion of road after the station was the poorest.  There was a shade of red that we could pick in advanced and the corrugations were so bad we ended up at a crawling pace.  Once we arrived at camp, by the river we found out we’d experienced some damage along the way.  Something inside the trailer flicked the switch to on for one of our actuators and instead of blowing the fuse as it should have it blew the actuator.  This is what makes our roof go up – hence very important!.  Thankfully we purchased an extra one when we built the trailer and pulled everything out to access our spares in the false floor of the trailer.  We got the roof up with the muscles of Stephen for that evening, securing it with a pole and repairs were done the following day.

The river was beautiful and we enjoyed our time there, mainly relaxing and fishing…. BUT the photos are not co-operating for some reason and I can’t upload them here.  Sorry – but the main ones will have to come at a later day – so be tuned 🙂  Below are some I took on our departure day.

Past Drysdale heading towards Kalumburu the pandanas are amazing!

Past Drysdale heading towards Kalumburu the pandanas are amazing!

Brolgas by the Kalumburu Road

Brolgas by the Kalumburu Road

Rosella flowers

Rosella flowers




4 responses

6 06 2014
Greg Miles

I wonder how much it has changed since we were there 22 years ago! I remember seeing some impressive Aboriginal Art at King Edward River in the rock outcrops.

6 06 2014
Hit the Track

I don’t think much would have changed Greg, although they have newish hybrid flush toilets there which I’m sure were’t there 22 years ago!

7 06 2014

Lucky you keep a Steve handy – never know when you’re going to need one!
Love the brolgas (were they dancing?)
Look forward to the next instalment!
Love to all
Lorna x

9 06 2014
Greg Miles

I don’t remember that there were any toilets then Christina!

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