Gibb River Road – Home Valley Station

6 06 2014
Arriving at Home Valley Station as the sun sets.

Arriving at Home Valley Station as the sun sets.

Here’s the last of our Gibb River blog post!

We stopped at Drysdale Station again for fuel and chocolate bars with the hope this time of getting some food supplies at our next stop.  Arriving at Home Valley Station a little weary and upon dark we booked in.  It was a slightly more costly than I was hoping and NO FOOD SUPPLIES at all!  Oh but we are welcome to dine in their restaurant…. hmmm no thank you.

Once we found a place to set up I looked through the paper work we were given.  AAHHH I thought there might have been river camping and not just “caravan park” camping but since the lady never mentioned the river upon my inquiry about camping and there was quite a queue of people to book in I never asked.  We could have gone up and changed things but by now it was late, we were tired, hungry and the kids had spotted the pool and were keen for a swim tomorrow.   So we stayed put, set up with everyone else and enjoyed some dinner.  We still had enough food on board but were really hoping for a few little extra things like some cheese, potatoes and tinned tomatoes.

Home Valley Station is situated in a most picturesque part of the world.  The Cockburn Ranges backdrop the station (but you can’t see them from the caravan park).  We did drive down to the river camps and checked out the view plus a salty sun baking on the far side of the river.  The lookout is also spectacular and is the first place for some 3G Telstra phone service which was nice to use to touch base with family and check on some emails.

Home Valley Station is the first encounter we’ve had with cane toads.  I naively wasn’t expecting to see them just yet and was a little shocked.  They of course hang around the amenity blocks and there’s a bin for campers to place them in, preferable live for collection.  As we packed up one jumped out from our belongings ….. I guess this is how the spread!  It’s sad to think the damage they have done to our land and this damage is spreading – I do hope someone can find a way to eradicate them from Australia soon.

We only stayed two nights as we were keen for some civilisation as we’d been on the Gibb just over 2 1/2 weeks.  The drive out is also amazing with the infamous Pentecost River crossing.  I was actually let down a little as I always imagined it to be bigger than it was.  Stephen said it was definitely big enough.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our journey across the Gibb.  If you’ve missed the previous posts you can look back and check them out.  Now for the Bungle Bungles and then towards the Northern Territory!

Our camp at Home Valley

Our camp at Home Valley

Mr Salty the Croc in the sun

Mr Salty the Croc in the sun

Enjoying the lookout and what travellers seem to love to do… stack rocks.

Enjoying the lookout and what travellers seem to love to do… stack rocks.

The McPherson's :-)

The McPherson’s 🙂

Crossing the Pentecost River

Crossing the Pentecost River





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