The Gibb River Road – Bell Gorge/Silent Grove

4 06 2014
Bell Gorge…. How Beautiful!

Bell Gorge…. How Beautiful!

Travelling from Windjana towards Silent Grove we called into Imintji Roadhouse. Such a quaint place with beautiful green grass, fuel, all the supplies you could possible think of and a little cafe with lovely looking iced chocolate, cakes etc. As good as it looked and it actually wasn’t too over priced if buying for two we stuck to the 50cent zuper doopers and bought a phone card to phone our next WWOOF stop which we were given a positive response for. The roadhouse even had wifi for $5. Here’s a point of interest for some… they ONLY sold diesel which was $2.29L.

Silent Grove was our next camp. It was very similar to Windjana with it’s facilities. We found a shady spot and took the little walk so see the spings that provide the water. There is an abundance of beautiful clean water in the Kimberley’s from the many springs. It is very refreshing compared to the bore water throughout WA and the chlorinated water from Broome.

The walk to Bell Gorge was relatively easy and stunning to see the gorgeous water hole above the falls. We happened to go in the later afternoon and was pleased to find it to be the most perfect time for a beautiful photo with the sun shining on the backdrop. We didn’t bother to venture further down to the bottom of the falls as the top was so perfect for a dip.

In the evening we cooked a slow cooked casserole over the fire and a bread and butter pudding from some gluten free bread that I’d bought in Derby that had all fallen apart as GF bread has a tendency to do. Nice way to finish off some otherwise inedible bread :-).

Our camp at Silent Grove

Our camp at Silent Grove

Shining Boab :-)

Shining Boab 🙂

Cooling off with new friends

Cooling off with new friends

Bell Gorge waterfall

Bell Gorge waterfall

Our friend at camp

Our friend at camp





2 responses

4 06 2014

Wonderful!! All that beauty – & chocolate cake on top sounds pretty perfect to me! So many of the names are so evocative. Like “Silent Grove” – it almost demands you take time out to “Be still & know…”
Loving getting all the news & pics; such a graphic insight into places I may never get to see (but then again, who knows?)
Love & blessings
L xx

5 06 2014
Hit the Track

Yep… Who knows 🙂

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