It’s a new year!

5 02 2014

It’s a new year and the whole month of January has pasted without a single blog post from me.  Sorry to all my followers!!  Fancy letting the holidays pass without enticing you all to visit Western Australia with our stories of Broome.  Maybe we were just enjoying our holiday time?  We had our first real “school holidays” as the kids have been giving the schooling system ago for the first time.  I also started my first “going to work” style job since the children were born!  Who would have ever thought we would be on our “trip around Australia”, the time most people take time away from “real work” and “real school” and actually do both those things?  The trip is all about new experiences and new experiences we are still having.

I write this in the comfort of our gorgeous cottage while it pours with rain and thunders outside.  The wet season has officially hit Broome.  The locals told us it doesn’t really rain until Jan/Feb and low and behold they are right.  It is raining more regularly now and with it brings a little relief to the heat, but when it stops watch out!  The humidity seems to double.  I seriously take my hat off to those that work out in the heat, like my husband Stephen does.  Many days he comes home for lunch which includes a quick shower and change of clothes as his are drenched with sweat.

My new job is mainly indoors, being a Kimberley Consultant at the Broome Visitor Centre and what a wonderful job it is!  I love the job, it’s close to what we’ve been doing for the last year… talking to people about places of interest, where to find things, tours, accommodation, weather, road conditions but now I get paid to do so – very cool – especially the air conditioning!  The funny thing I’ve noticed about working is it makes me enjoy the time I’m not working even more too.  I love the days I’m not working and value the time doing things with the kids, reading a book or cooking something special.  So it’s a win win.  I like going to work and I like not going to work…. makes for a happy week.

The last weekend before school went back we made the effort to do a few special things including fishing near the port (with no luck), mango smoothies and ice-cream at the Mango Place just out of town and a walk around Gantheaume Point.  Here’s a couple of photos of Gantheaume point.  Hope you enjoy the rich contrasts in the colours and the slightly stormy clouds.

Gantheaume Point

Gantheaume Point

Looking out at the Indian Ocean

Looking out at the Indian Ocean

Looking across Cable Beach

Looking across Cable Beach




2 responses

6 02 2014

Wonderful to hear from you again Chris! Sounds like you’re all so settled & happy “over west” we may never see you again!! The landscape looks just amazing & as usual the pics are spectacular.
Please send us some of that rain!!
Love & blessings
Lorna xx

10 02 2014
Are We There Yet?

How fun to work & school for a while in Broome! We loved Broome! Great photos with the storm clouds!!

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