Just another lazy Sunday ….

17 12 2013
James Price Point

James Price Point

Just a few photos to share today.

The other weekend we spent the day with friends exploring a little more of the coastline north of Broome.  We drove up to James Price Point  – the beautiful pristine area that was in the media a few years back due to a proposed gas plant.  Many people protested, blocked roads, set up camps and through the courts stopped the plant from going ahead.  A beautiful area it is, a unique place, vitally important to the whales yet I was a little disappointed in the rubbish in the area.  All the other coastal areas I’ve seen to date in the area have had no rubbish yet this place in which so many fought to keep had cans, buckets and quite a lot of  little pieces of litter about ….

We finished our day hanging out at Barred Creek, fishing, swimming, shell hunting and sleeping in the shade …. not a bad way to spend a lazy Sunday.  Hope you like the pics – sorry no people photos today, but I really do enjoy taking landscape/nature shots! 🙂

James Price Point

Beautiful Beach near Barred Creek


Birds of Broome


Hermit crabs at the creek


This fellow had more patience than me. I waited and waited for him to poke his head out ….. but what an amazing shell he has!




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19 12 2013

Hi guys!
Just back from a wild weekend in The Alice, where 6 of us went to spend time with our beautiful indigenous women. On Monday we decorated the church & put on a Christmas lunch & 60-70 turned up (double what we expected!) But the food miraculously extended till all were fed with food left over. The kids ran riot, gifts were given, many were prayed for – just a fantastic day. We were so blessed!
Good to hear your latest. The coastline of W.A. is just stunning!
Love & blessings
L xx

5 02 2014
Hit the Track

That sounds wonderful Lorna! Looking forward to the day we visit Alice. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could coincide it with one of your visits.

1 02 2016

I have a website which is about land hermit crab.

As I want to update land hermit crab species page in my website, may I ask if I can borrow below picture from you ?

I will put your name on the picture.

If you are ok, please advise what name shell I put on the picture.

1 02 2016
Christine McPherson

Thanks for asking first about using one my of photos. Yes please use the photo and credit Christine McPherson. Cheers and all the best with your hermit crab work 🙂

2 02 2016

Thank you very much.

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