12 11 2013

I sit here to write while experiencing another “first” in my and our families life ….. school.  We’ve been a family that have chosen to homeschool our children and have for the most part enjoyed and valued the process.  For me I have never felt strongly either way as to whether home education or formal schooling are better or worse than the other.  It has always been a personal decision on what has fitted right with our family.  I believe  children’s education is every parents responsibility.  If you choose formal schooling, the children’s education doesn’t lie totally in the hands of the school.  As a parent you choose carefully which one, keep an eye on what your child is doing, help with homework, correspond with teachers, teach extra life skills at home etc etc.  If you choose home schooling, the curriculum also lies in your hands, but coming from a vibrant homeschool community we took on this job together.

Anyway enough on my thoughts on education ….. From the outset of our trip around Australia formal schooling in a small school setting was something we were hoping our children could experience.  So, here we are in Broome…  Staying for the wet season…  No homeschool community, which I now have an even greater appreciation for and some time staying in one place making the enrolment hassles all worth while.

From the beginning of our trip all the kids throughout our discussions on going to school have had differing opinions and desires that have all changed and swayed as the year has progressed.  It was an exciting as well as a nervous time beginning the enrolment process for all.  But let me say their braveness and maturity they all displayed was a proud moment for both Stephen and myself.  Minus the youngest doing a runner on his first morning on his little pink bike all went smoothly.  The many forms have been filled out, birth certificates found (or applied for as one is totally lost!), vaccination records found, permission slips signed,  school lunches are being made and early to bed …. formal education has begun!  The early to bed has been a new thing for the trip – thankfully they don’t even have to be told to go to bed,  just plain exhaustion sends them there as school starts quite early here in Broome at 8am!

We’ve had many “first” experiences this year and we can add this one to the list.  I hope it will be a positive one and am thankful for the schools care in settling everyone in.  The count down is now on for the Christmas school holidays 🙂  Oh and there’s no photos ….. my life wouldn’t be worth living if I published a photo of them all in their “daggy” school uniforms – they may not think so, but I think they all look wonderful – but hey, I’m their mother and always think they look wonderful (that is after the boys have washed their faces from the days grime and everything they’ve eaten that day)




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13 11 2013

Ahhhh… bless them & bless you guys for your wisdom. What cool parents your kids have! Hoping they love school & all the new experiences it brings. Our Vanessa has moved up to Copacabana to a lovely little place with beach & lagoon views.. just beautiful. It’s like a permanent holiday!! Yasmin is enrolled in the Coast Christian School & absolutely loving it

NO PHOTOS! That too must be a first. Look forward to the next batch..
Love & blessings
L xx

14 11 2013
Hit the Track

No photos … yes that is a first – didn’t think of that one :-)!!! Copacabana is such a beautiful place. Blessings to Vanessa and Yasmin as they soak up the stunning views and peacefulness of their surroundings.

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