Ten Top Travel Tips

20 10 2013

untitled-4845It’s been around eighteen months since we left our home in Gosford NSW and about 10 months we’ve been officially “on the road” travelling with our family in our camper trailer.  Right now we still would consider ourselves a family on the road, but are having a little brake from the camper trailer as we enjoy the comforts of a beautiful home in Broome to experience the wet season of the Kimberley.  In the comforts of ever ready electricity, air conditioning and a lounge (you don’t realise how much you miss the luxury of sitting on a lounge until you have one again) I thought I’d share some of our top travel tips.  They aren’t in any particular order and perhaps there are more tips that should be in the list but for now here goes ten for you ……

1.  Keep it simple!  Pack lightly.  I always find I can “make do” if I don’t have something I think I might need.  Us Westerners are great for having a gadget for everything and an outfit for every occasion but in reality we can make do with very little.  We can wear most cloths for most occasions out on the road 🙂 and we can prepare most meals, repair most breakages with very little tools.  Utilise the op shops – give away what you are not using and perhaps grab a “new” t-shirt while you’re there.  It’s nice to have a change to your wardrobe every now and then.

2.  Allow enough time.  If time is an issue maybe consider doing one area well and visiting other areas later rather than rushing around Australia.  So many people we met wished they had more time.  It’s not always about the destination but rather the journey and experiences.  If you don’t have time to experience a place I suggest you cut out something else and stay.  There is so much to see in Australia, coming to terms with the fact you can’t see it all in one trip frees you up to relax and enjoy what you do see.

3.  Compromising.  Not every family member is going to want to do or go to every place with the same enthusiasm.  People will need to compromise.  Keep up communication, listen to each others ideas and then agree to compromise on places or activities to allow each person to have something they enjoy.

4.  Include the children in decision making, budgets and planning.  Whether you decide to homeschool or use distance education along they way (that is a whole other topic) remember that planning budgets, meals, travel itineraries are more educational than any text book can give.  Managing your time and money is something that all adults have to face and there’s no better place to learn than on the road together as a family.

5.  Keep taking photos.  Don’t get lazy and leave the camera in the car.  The cameras on phones these days are pretty good quality.  If it’s not going to be that landscape shot you may want to blow up big and put on your wall use the phone!  I can carry mine in my pocket, take quick snaps, edit and even upload to facebook for all to see if that’s how you’re sharing your trip with friends and family.  Memories the photos hold are invaluable and are so much fun for the family to look over again and again.

6.  Give yourself days to do “nothing”.  Sight seeing, exploring etc is fun but some down time is needed to soak it all in too.  Days with no plans but to hang out at camp are sometimes the funnest times.  Our kids beg after a few big days of outings can we please do nothing!  “Nothing” usually turns into imaginary play, building cubby houses, reading, craft or playing with other kids in the area.

7.  Talk to your neighbours.  Most travellers are super friendly.  You all have something in common – travel!  Enjoy each others stories, gain information from places they’ve been and travel tricks they’ve learnt along the way.  Share a campfire, a meal or an outing together.   Travel becomes opposite to usual life where you crave family time due to everyone being busy with various activities.  Once on the road together you spend so much time together you begin to crave other social encounters.  Make the most of bumping into other families and enjoy their company.

8.  Stop for those in need.  See someone on the side of the road – check they are alright and if there’s anything they need.  You never know if you’ll be needing the favour in return.

9.  Always take your rubbish with you.  Why not pick up other rubbish while you’re at it?  We always try to leave where we camp tidier than when we arrive.  No one likes being amongst nature surrounded by rubbish …. or anywhere for that matter surrounded by rubbish, so instead of whinging about it – pick it up and dispose of it.

10.  Be prepared.  Check road condition, distances, where you can buy fuel, how much water you need and where you can get more.  With technology available to most you can find these answers on the internet.  We use facebook travel groups, apple maps, wiki camps app, Camps 6 book and of course plain old google.  Traveling with some kind of smart phone or ipad is super useful and has helped us on many occasions.  I know you don’t always have service available but on the other hand many times you do and when you do that’s the time to do your research.

Well that’s it for now but let me say out of them all my number one would have to be:  There is so much to see in Australia, coming to terms with the fact you can’t see it all in one trip frees you up to relax and enjoy what you do see.

Oh and Stephen doesn’t think I follow tip 1.  Well let me say these are my tips – maybe I don’t necessarily follow them all myself but I recommend you do :-)!!




2 responses

3 11 2013
Bronwyn Joy @ Journeys Of The Fabulist

I wasn’t going to click through – the average list of travel tips is not worth it – but these are. Excellent advice. So glad I pushed that little button and read them!

3 11 2013
Hit the Track

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them 🙂

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