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30 07 2013
Kite surfer at Point Quobba

Kite surfer at Point Quobba

Once again I’m so touched by people’s kindness.  It began last week on the weekly shopping day.  If you’ve missed what these days can entail, I blogged about it a few posts back.  After a couple of hours drive the first stop is always the toilet.  Have you seen those automatic toilets that talk and play music to you?  Be warned they can be dangerous when visiting with small children.  A few weeks back I had my first lesson at Tom Price.  The little one went first, then myself.  As a good mother I’ve taught my child to wash his hands after he uses the toilet ….. this automated contraption flushes the toilet when you wash your hands … and YES I was having my turn and sitting on the loo while the youngster washed his hands!  But I must be grateful that the next automatic action did not include the door opening!  So with this stress of sharing the toilet with my young one again and saying DO NOT wash your hands … DO NOT press the open door button etc I left picking up my purse and shopping lists but leaving my iPhone on the shelf.

I realised my mistake about 10 minutes or more later, returned and of course it was gone.  I stayed hopeful, praying that someone like myself would have found it but the reality of my error was in the front of my mind also, as I dreaded the consequences and the cost it would have on us.  It reminds me only now as I write this of what happened in May.  While at Point Quobba we were admiring some kite surfers.  They were totally amazing, jumping, riding right up to the rocks as I held my breath then suddenly pulling up and going the other direction.  We got talking with them as the wife cut her foot on some coral and we were chatting with her while she bathed it in disinfectant and her husband packed up their belongings to take her into town to get it medically looked at.  Anyway … they left behind one of their harnesses they use for kite surfing.  We took it knowing we were both heading the same direction, we actually had a lot in common and some mutual acquaintances and thought we ‘d be able to track them down with ease.  It turned out our connections couldn’t track them down so easily.

While we were staying in Exmouth – doing our formal police statements for the drowning incident at Warroora and in a total devastated state our look out for the kite surfers wained, we had lost our energy to make lots of inquiries and look hard.  On our last day there I knew it was our last chance to find them.  I prayed and felt hopeful to see them that day.  Low and behold while having coffee with a new friend she stated there was a couple in town looking for us.  They wanted to let me know the wife’s foot was fine and were thankful I’d prayed for her, they also had heard what had happened to us and our friends and wanted to offer their support.  They didn’t even know as yet they were missing their harness!  It was great to catch up with them that evening, return their harness, to chat and share a meal together.  This is not a story to gloat on our part – we did nothing really.  It is a story that shows goodness.  In the midst of dark times, good can still happen.  You don’t always notice these things at the time, but upon reflection I can see it now.

Back to the phone missing in Tom Price …. A couple of policemen were wondering around and I asked if anyone had handed it in.  No, but I could give my details at the station they suggested.  I asked if they could please ring the phone and we stepped outside to listen to see if we could hear it.  As we were are doing this a lady excuses herself and mentioned she’s just found a phone and handed it into the Coles front desk – THANK YOU!!!!!!  I was so so grateful, so happy and relieved.  Yay, to goodness and kindness again.  People being kind and thoughtful really do make such a difference to others.  It’s not just the phone.  Yes getting the phone back is hugely important and made a massive difference to me but having someone show honesty and thoughtfulness also is very meaningful and touches you in a deeper way.

The other day I was also taken back watching generosity and kindness take place.  WIthout going into too much detail someone here on the station from no fault of their own found out that they owed a lot of money.  It was very distressing for them as they are travelling from another country, alone and didn’t have much money.  Straight away Christine (Station owner) offers her help and assistance with no hesitation.   Seeing this kind of generosity always moves me.  It wasn’t the distress of the traveller but the genuine kindness that brought tears to my eyes.  I hope to live remembering always relationships and people matter more than things.  Life is fragile, sometimes life is short – I want to fill it with generosity, kindness and love.  And thankfully it was all a mistake and no one owed anything and all was resolved 🙂

Here is a photo I want to share from last week.  The weather has been quite unpredictable lately with some amazing clouds.  This picture reminds me – even in darkness, pain and anguish there is light and beauty.  As you watch a storm roll in you may only notice the darkness and the potential damage it may hold but if you stop and look closely there is amazing light and beauty.

Crazy winter clouds over the station .... not the norm here in winter.

Crazy winter clouds over the station …. not the norm here in winter.




4 responses

30 07 2013

Hello again from another glorious Sydney winter day. SO good to hear of all the kindness & compassion given & received along the way. We reap what we sow & if we scatter seeds of kindness, the crop will be sweet. God is GOOD!
Loved the storm sky pic..
Bless you all!
Love L xxx

30 07 2013
Hit the Track

Thanks Lorna – Bless you and your family too xxx

30 07 2013
Harold Morgan

Hi Chris, A truly wonderful blog. As Lorna said we reap that which we sow, and you and your family deserve all the kindness you can get. May our Lord Bless and keep you all safe.Blessings Harold.

30 07 2013
Hit the Track

Thanks Harold. Blessings to you too!

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