Today: The High Court – to – Moo Choruses

23 07 2013

IMG_0884What a day!  Who would have thought way out in the Pilbara I’d be listening in on some high court proceedings?  Well, today I did!

Preparations began yesterday with baking 80 pumpkin scones and continued into this morning with helping put together baked mince jacket potatoes.  We were preparing for our 45 morning tea guests.  These guest were people from the court system plus a large indigenous family who are having hearings about native land titles in this area.  A little panic hit at about 10am when the lady that was to arrive at 8am with cakes, cups, tables etc still had not turned up, was not answering her satellite phone nor was seen by anyone else that had arrived.  A quick freezer raid for a cake, defrosting it, whipping cream, spreading jam and another platter was made in amongst concern for this lady …. all went well, the food went down a treat and thankfully the lady turned up after a long morning of being rather lost and not being able to work the phone.

But the day really began at 4am.  The horse riders of the station were up and feeding horses at 4am.  Stephen was up at 5:30am with Daniel, the chopper warmed up just before daylight and day two of a muster began.  Maybe just before lunch we were expecting them, and then maybe 12:30 or maybe 1pm …. 3pm they arrived back!  This time I grabbed a few shots from the house yard with my zoom lens.  It was exciting to first see the dust arising in the distance, then the cows, the chopper and finally the horse riders and buggies.  It wasn’t actually as smooth as that as twice the lead cows decided to turn around the have all their mob follow them back out but swift work of the chopper and buggies and they finally got them in and the gate closed behind them.  I now sit here and write to the sound of the moo chorus, although I’m sure everyone is sufficiently exhausted that the racket from the yards won’t keep anyone awake for long.

Mustering the cattle in

They are in ... shut the gate!  Stephen is in the white ute at the front.

They are in … shut the gate! Stephen is in the white ute at the front.

For anyone curious for the pumpkin scone recipe ….

1 Tbs butter
1/2 cup sugar (can use less – this makes quite a sweet scone)
1 Tbs hot water
Cream the above ingredients together then add
1 egg
1 cup mashed pumpkin
Mix together then add
2 cups self raising flour
mix together, dust flat area with flour, press out dough and cut out scones
bake in a hot oven for approx 15 min or until the top goes slightly brown.

Now if you want to make 80 – times the above amounts by 5!!!




4 responses

23 07 2013

You’re a legend Chris! Flo Bjelke Petersen would have been proud of you.
Go Cowboy Steve with the the cattle muster – it’s like watching an old western movie.
But you guys are living the reality. Unforgettable. Just awesome!
Love L x

30 07 2013
Hit the Track

Haha Lorna … Flo was mentioned while I baked!

23 07 2013
Are We There Yet?

Great photos! What an amazing day!!

30 07 2013
Hit the Track

Thanks. Yes … it appears ANYTHING can happen in the bush 🙂

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