The Lagoon

22 07 2013

When we arrived the lagoon in the house paddock was not much more than a rather largish puddle.  A few weeks later it was huge offering water views from our accommodation.  I would often stand outside and marvel at our own water views.  It has now receded and doesn’t quite give us the water views we were growing accustomed to but it is now hosting wildlife and always worth a walk down to.

Over the last week we have watched a pelican glide into the property to enjoy the lagoon and tonight I watched two black swans gliding around below the beautiful glow of the full moon.  The day was ending and I was just about to make someone a coffee when I glanced outside and saw the colours of the sky and the full moon rising.  Thankfully Stephen appeared, I delegated him to coffee making duties, ran up to get my camera and headed down to the lagoon.  As I’m briskly walking down, the helicopter is coming in from a full days muster.  I try to grab a shot but have hassles with the focus, he’s getting near and thankfully I’d given up on that shot and walked on as the helicopter stirred up the red earth making quite a whirl wind of dust – not great for a camera!

The lagoon offeres a peaceful oasis where you barely hear the noises of the station or the hum of the generator.  It’s a two minute walk away and something I never expected out here in the Pilbara.  I hope you enjoy tonights shots and get a feel for the beauty and peace it offers.







One response

23 07 2013

WOW!! What stark beauty… gotta love OZ!!!
Blessings to all
Lorna xx

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