Shopping days

18 07 2013


Just trying out my new app where I can blog from my mobile phone …. :-)!!

Yesterday was shopping day. It was a rather eventful day ….

Firstly, let me say that shopping day is a LONG day of a 350km round trip. Roughly 100km of that is dirt driving which always requires that extra bit of concentration.

I started a little late due to strange noises coming from the ute which turned out to be how items had been strapped down. Then something rarely seen out here …. Random breath tests. The road was blocked and all had to stop, show licenses and be breath tested. Obviously all went fine for me! We picked up lounged plus a kids motor bike from the tip, ran our many errands and ventured off home again in the afternoon. Not too long in the journey we were ushered off the road again – this time for a 7 metre wide load. It was a long enough wait to start eating some of the groceries and have a drink (of water!). The photo above is the mine truck that finally appeared. Apparently he was stuck for a while on a bend. Off we go again …. Now it’s a HUGE bull in the middle of the road! We come to a stop, he looks at me and I have to admit even in the safety of the ute I hope like crazy he will walk off and not charge at me. He walks off. Next is a station wagon fully on my side of the road! He thankfully returns to his side of the road in time and my German shopping companion for the day casually states “oh they must be German”. Almost home now and we are on a dirt road that is quite remote with not much through traffic and in the distance I see a figure … It turned out to be a lady with two blond plats riding a bike! She didn’t seem to have a pack of gear or anything? I slow down, she waves and rides on – oh well she must be ok I presume. The sun has now set and we arrive home. Just wandering …. How does that compare with other people’s shopping days?




4 responses

18 07 2013

Wow, what an experience !

18 07 2013

Beats Coles!!!

22 07 2013
Jo Summergreene

Ah, so funny…LOL love the shopping expedition. Our next foodland is only 70kms away. Cows, sheep and stray horses are our main obstacles and the fact that the delivery truck only comes once a week when all the locals buy up big, including all the bananas. Poor Ciara she is desperate for a nana!

We ate now going up Strezlecki Track for a week before returning to Farina Station where Pete has some work for the next month or so, laying pipe, fixing fences and a muster fir lamb marking. Summer is so excited! And Pete too.

Will keep in touch, thinking if you and don’t drink & drive, obviously!
Love Jo etc xxx

22 07 2013

Oh be careful Jo … your month or so could turn into six months! But what fun – it is exciting – such great experiences for all! Enjoy the Strezlecki xx

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