Two months later …

16 07 2013
The lagoon in the house paddock.

The lagoon in the house paddock.

It was two months ago yesterday our lives plus the lives of others tragically changed forever.  Not a day has passed that we have not thought on the day that the world sadly lost Rob Shugg and Kathreen Ricketson – a loving married couple who were wonderful authentic parents to two beautiful children.

In some ways it seems so long ago as we’ve travelled to Sydney, Canberra, back to Exmouth and now the Pilbara all in that time but when I put a check on my emotions I have to console myself that in fact it wasn’t that long ago and the rawness of my emotions that seem to fluctuate daily is in fact okay for now.

We have currently been one month on a huge cattle station (800,000 acres) in the Pilbara region.  It has been just what we needed.  Hanging out in the National Parks, although nice, wasn’t quite doing us well at this moment.  Doing some WWOOFing (willing workers on organic farms) has been perfect.  We are part of life.  It is a busy place with many jobs to be done and to be a part of making it all happen here is rewarding, gives a sense of purpose for now and has been incredibly healing.

Not only are we enjoying the comforts of accommodation, flushing toilets, hot showers we have also been blessed with love, friendship and support from the station owners and staff.  I must also mention as of yesterday we have our own teacher helping with the kids for a few weeks and he has so many creative ideas planned for them.  I now feel completely spoilt!

It is perhaps no surprise to hear after the glowing reports of this place we have decided to stay on here for the season – which is roughly till December.  Stability will be good for us, the experiences of station life amazing and to have my parents able to fly out to stay for a while next month the icing on the cake.

Excitement is brewing as we are now on the brink of muster.  Stephen has all the vehicles ready, horse riders have arrived a new helipad has been laid.   The freezers are full, bulk cooking has began and “muster school” is scheduled.  I’m looking forward getting some great “muster” photos to share soon.

It is a little scary to commit to one place for such a length of time as it changes the plan of our one year trip around Australia (as seems to happen to many people that travel this great country!)  But as I felt so strongly before we embarked on our around Australia trip …. it will all work out and it will work out well.  Where we will go after this is unknown right now but I’m confident we will work it out as the time passes.

 .... from one of my walks.

scenery from one of my walks.




4 responses

16 07 2013
Mon Miller

Hay mate,
well what a ride. I must say we were all in awe of your journey. We have laughed and cried along with you guys.
Wondering if you will ever return lol
The hubby seems to be loving his work, the kids are having there adventure if a life time, and as for you Miss Master Cheif, my gluten free queen who continues to amaze me with your out back dishes. I really need a kick in the butt when it comes to my excuses in my diet when you manage to do it on the road … I’m impressed.
Loving your blogs
Stay safe bless yas all
Mon xx

16 07 2013

Thanks Mon … you’re too funny! I’ve had a request for some of my GF recipes on here so maybe I’ll do some for you! xx

22 07 2013
Are We There Yet?

Loved this post – can’t wait to see the muster photos – can only imagine the emotions you still have – your time on the station sounds wonderful – enjoy!

22 07 2013
Hit the Track

Thanks. I’ve just been enjoying having a browse through your blog. Looks great! Enjoy your travels – it is loads of fun 🙂

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