Free Camping

28 06 2013

After Exmouth we headed towards Tom Price. Being a fair distance we chose a free camp off the main road along the way. It was called House Creek Bridge and although it’s on a main road very few vehicles went past. Arriving at 4pm it was pretty much full. There is a main camp down by the creek area – which was dry and also had a big sign “flood area”. I reckon it would be underwater now due to all the rain the Pilbara has received – hope no one camped there last Monday. We stayed up the top in the scrub which is actually closer to the toilets (drop) than the main area anyway.

Happy that we could have a camp fire here and due to our dislike of overnight stops we stayed two nights. There is “nothing” there but we found plenty! The boys enjoyed fossicking amongst the rocks in search of lizards in which they found plenty. In the evenings the frogs were easily spotted too. One of which was just hiding under the toilet seat. Thank goodness Matt went first and lifted the seat or the little fellow could have given me quite a fright :-)!

Back at Kalbarri we were paid for our work with plenty of meat. We had one roast lamb left. We made good use of our fire and cooked a beautiful roast dinner and finished it off with chocolate cake.

Once again the drizzle of rain followed us with just a few short showers. It wasn’t much and we remained dry. It was good to be in the bush again, quiet – except for the birds, wildlife to watch, fire to cook by and ….. free!


sunset on the road


enjoying camp oven cooking again….chocolate cake


washing up


getting a close up of the snake we found on the side of the road


black headed python

Afternoon glow

Afternoon glow

Our camp in the scrub

Our camp in the scrub

The boys searching for lizards

The boys searching for lizards

Wild flowers

Wild flowers

One of many finds

One of many finds

Termite mound heading out of Exmouth

Termite mound heading out of Exmouth




One response

29 06 2013

Sounds wonderful – reminds me of when we were camping in Central Australia with our kids & a frill-neck joined us for breakfast. I recall he got quite aggressive when we tried to video him!
This is a unique experience you & your children will never forget. You are privileged indeed.
I send God’s love & richest blessings as you travel on with Him.
Lorna xxx

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