Monkey Mia

4 06 2013

I thought it best to make the most of my “free wifi” while staying at my parents place in Sydney and update some places we stayed earlier last month before heading back to Exmouth on Thursday.

Early May we tossed too and fro on whether to go to Monkey Mia or not.  It was going to be the most expensive place to date we would have stayed at.  There are some “free” ($10) camps around the place but they have a STRICT 24 hour policy and we really needed to stay two nights.  The short of it we decided upon blowing the budget and booking Monkey Mia resort – even with a discount card it was $68 a night to camp!!!

Arriving on a Sunday afternoon the place was full, camp spots very close to each other with no views of the water.  We set up, cooked dinner and as I wanted to make the most of the place I suggested going on a spot light walk down the beach and out on the wharf.  WOW … what a great idea it was!  I didn’t realise that we’d see so much – crabs on the beach, fish upon fish in the water and the best of it …. green turtles swimming around the wharf!

Dolphins are the main attraction for Monkey Mia.  We set the alarm for an early start to be down the beach for the first feeding.  We joined possibly 80 other people and followed all the instructions of the rangers.  Being hesitant with the crowd and the commercialness of the place we were totally thrilled by the dolphin experience.  The gorgeous creatures came in and swam up and down the beach with their babies for roughly half an hour  and the feeding time was extra special as Stephen was one of the few chosen to feed – Daniel took his place and I think will remember the experience forever.

The rest of our time was taken up with exploring the beach, snorkelling, another spot light walk all done as if the beach was almost our own.  I have no idea where the crowds all go during the day – possibly commerical tours, but they aren’t on the beaches!

So was it worth the price?  I still think it is over priced for families but we did love our time there and feel it was one of those family times where EVERYONE enjoyed themselves and is up there in the short list of one of the best places so far.



Such a proud moment :-)

Such a proud moment 🙂

LOVED the turtles!

LOVED the turtles!

Beautiful beach .... all to ourselves!

Beautiful beach …. all to ourselves!

Snorkelling, exploring ....

Snorkelling, exploring ….

Had to share this beach with a local.

Had to share this beach with a local.

Pristine ....

Pristine ….


Showing off for the camera

Showing off for the camera

A beautiful evening

A beautiful evening

We actually got a strange "site" that gave us quite a bit of room to spread out all our mess!

We actually got a strange “site” that gave us quite a bit of room to spread out all our mess!




3 responses

5 06 2013
Shirley Birch

So good to have this kind of info for when we head up north with family next year; so special to keep in touch 🙂

5 06 2013

If you’re planning on staying at Monkey Mia make sure you prebook!

5 06 2013

Sorry didn’t get to spend time with you guys – lot going on for us right now.
Hope the remembrance service went well.
ENJOY the rest of your amazing Aussie Odyssey. Look forward to your posts…
Love L xx

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