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23 05 2013

As we prepare to fly back to our family and friends for a week or two we can’t get passed how blessed, supported and cared for we have been by the community of Exmouth since the tragedy last week.  (If you are unaware of what I’m talking about here you need to read our previous post first)  We know being with family and friends next week will bring some comfort and healing for us.  We will also attended the memorial service for Kathreen and Rob in Canberra.  Of course these services are never easy, but through the pain of the day healing begins.  We are also eager to give Otilija and Orlando another big hug.

Firstly our thanks go to Warroora Station:
Listening to the waves at Elle’s beach was tormenting but they quickly supplied us a cottage to use for the evenings while we packed up Kathreen and Rob’s camper plus our own.  At the homestead area were baby goats that needed bottle feeding – it was so precious for us and our children to cuddle these cute kids and give them bottles.  Thank you everyone at Warroora – your care and support for everyone involved is deeply appreciated.

The local Police and authorities:
The people on the phones from Search and Rescue, Fremantle Water Police and other local authorities were amazing.  The support these people give over the phone is fantastic and their ability to keep you calm (as calm as one can in these moments) is commendable.  As remote as we were and the wait for anyone to arrive being at least two hours we never felt totally alone out there.  The local Exmouth police have also been brilliant – they do far more than “official police” work – they are listeners, counsellers, networkers and just plain great people – extra thanks to Richard (helping with our kids and suitcases etc is greatly appreciated).

Potshot Hotel:
Larry, the owner the Potshot Hotel and friend of Warroora Station has helped us out with accommodation for the week.  WOW – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  We arrived with everyone having bouts of nausea from stress and I was extremely light headed and just walking was such an effort.  Stephen was feeling much the same …. Staying here in a two bedroom apartment has been a blessing beyond words.  It is walking distance to the shops and police station and I truly don’t  know what we would have done if it wasn’t for Larry’s generosity.  We were originally booked into Cape Range NP, 70 odd km’s out of town and right on the water – not what we needed right now.  And the honest truth is every other camping place or accommodation was just plain way beyond what our bank account held.

Exmouth Community Church:
Our friends visited here last year and said they were a friendly bunch.  Yep – they were right.  Thanks guys for your love and support.  Thanks for the meal.  Thanks for the prayers.  Thank you Wayne and Cathryn for your time, support and for storing our camper and car, frozen goods etc etc.  Thank you Jodi and your prayer ladies – what a blessing you’ve all been to us.

While staying here we took the kids out on a glass bottom boat – we felt it important to show them the beauty of the reef.  Alec from Ningaloo Ecology Tours was fantastic.  He loves Ningaloo Reef and his enthusiasm is infectious.  Our Daniel snorkelled the whole time and what a champion he was!  Struggling at the start I thought he might give up but back in he went and kept on trying and ended up loving the experience.  Matthew and Lily also gave it a quick shot.  We saw so many beautiful fish, a green turtle plus a HUGE groper – bigger than the kids!  What a lovely memory of the area we now have.

Yesterday was Stephen’s day – His 40th birthday present from family and friends was to swim with the whale sharks.  We’d planned our whole trip and the directions we take to make sure we’d be here for this season.  He swam with five whale sharks and the last being maybe about 8 metres!  Rob, Kathreen and the kids wanted to do this tour – we’re so sad they missed it but I’m proud of Stephen for being courageous enough to go and take this once in a lifetime experience.  We are looking forward to seeing the DVD from Ocean Eco Adventures.

Just a couple of weeks old.  They loved cuddles and we loved to cuddle them.

Just a couple of weeks old. They loved cuddles and we loved to cuddle them.

More cuddles

More cuddles

Feed time!

Feed time!

Checking out the reef

Checking out the reef

So proud of them all

So proud of them all




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25 05 2013

Hi Christine and family, how tragic all this has been for everyone and as you said people seem to shine in these circumstances and give so much of themselves to help those that are suffering. Our hearts and thoughts are with all those hurting at the moment. Love to all,. Ana and family.

29 05 2013

Thanks Ana and we hope your travels are going well x

2 06 2013
Trish Swinkels

Wow Christine. Loved readings your blog entry. Especially enjoyed seeing the pics of the kids and ‘kids’. Such great healing there I hope. Thank you so much for being part of our great Lithgow weekend – I know it meant so much to Katherine to have you and Stephen be part of the big event. Luke and I also enjoyed spending time with you both.
Hope you can enjoy your next few days in Syd and then enjoy getting back out on the road. Look forward to hearing of your travels again soon.


10 06 2013
Richard du Cloux

Hi guys, Richard from Exmouth here, found your blog and will follow you on the journey. Best wishes for your travels, stay safe. You guys are inspirational and it was great to have met you.

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