RIP our friends …..

20 05 2013

What do we say …. our hearts are grieving, our minds numb and I am at a loss on how to explain what’s happened.

If you are not aware of what’s happened over here at Warroora Station please see this news link (although not totally correct the info is close enough) ….

We are the “other campers”.

A week ago we stopped at a random place for lunch – not even realising it to be a caravan park.  Rob came and spoke to us, encouraging us to stay.  I’d been praying the night before for a safe place to stop as a huge storm was forecast for most of the west coast that evening.  Although I really wanted to move further north I had a warm feeling about this family and felt the camp area was quite sheltered from the coastline.  The storm did come and a big one it was.  Thankful we all were as the howling of the winds further up the tree line was quite alarming.  The following day brought strong winds also, so we both stayed put and here begun our friendship.

We travelled together to Point Quobba for a couple of nights and then we planned to spend a week together on Warroora Station near Coral Bay.  As Cape Range NP (Exmouth) can be hard to get into we also both booked a week together there knowing we would have to go our separate ways after that for a while, but maybe meet up again….

Rob and Kathreen were so inspiring, so generous and altogether brilliant people!  Kathreen’s creativity and Rob’s engineering mind made them a great pair.  We instantly loved their kids and knew they were mature, creative and fun due to great parenting and role models.  They have now suffered the most horrendous loss anyone could imagine, but they have also been given a foundation stronger than most 10 and 13 year olds from terrific parents that will be an amazing source of strength for them.

There has been a trust fund set up for the children’s education.  You can get details here:

A memorial we made just before leaving the beach for Kathreen and Rob - RIP our friends

A memorial our children made just before leaving the beach for Kathreen and Rob – RIP our friends

Elles Beach, Warroora Station

Elles Beach, Warroora Station

Oh God I pray for the children … I pray for comfort for them and all the other family members and friends that are gutted by this tragedy.
May love embrace them all, may your presence be felt, may they not feel alone or afraid.




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20 05 2013
Cecilia Abbott

Hi Christine and Steve
How awful, but praying that God will continue to use you in the lives of the children. There was a reason for you to be there. Hugs to you from ian and cecilia

29 05 2013

Thanks Ian & Cecilia. It was nice that you bumped into Stephen today too xx

21 05 2013

Hello precious ones,
Such a tragic event is hard to comprehend, and for you guys to be there…. God knew what He was doing when you linked up with that family. Your faith & strength were just what was needed in the midst of such tragedy.
Praying for you & the all kids that Jesus will minister His comfort & His peace, & through it all will draw you closer to Him & to each other.
Love & hugs
Lorna xxxxxx

29 05 2013

Thanks Lorna x

21 05 2013

Thinking of you all. So tragic. xxxx Jen, Gav and boys

29 05 2013

Thanks guys x

22 05 2013

Thank you for being there for them that day. I don’t know you, I don’t know them. But as a fellow traveling family my world has also been rocked by this. I think of their children and what you must all have been through a lot. I’ll donate to the fund now.


29 05 2013

Thanks Bec x

28 05 2013
PJTravels - Joel

Our prayers for you and their family are continuing. This story is so real to us as we are also travelling the region. The big storm you mentioned kept us out of Point Quobba and we tripped further north to Cape Range. When we heard the news we were only a couple of beaches up.

29 05 2013

Thanks Joel – it’s rocked so many people. We’ll be heading back that way late next week – maybe we’ll see you on the road sometime.

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