Stokes Inlet

25 04 2013

As usual we packed up from Salmon Gums without rushing and headed on our way to Esperance.  We wanted to arrive for lunch and headed to the information centre first.  Upon mentioning we were heading to Lucky Bay in Cape LeGrand NP they let us know people line up there from 7am and it is now full.  We could stay in town and try again tomorrow morning.  That didn’t turn us on much and we started looking for other alternatives.  Needing a few groceries we called into Woolworths and had a chat to the check out lady.  She recommended a place for great fishing and not too far from Esperance.  We like fishing, so off to Stokes Inlet in Stokes National Park we went.

Arriving in the late afternoon there were a couple of places available and the camp host pointed us to a spot.  We took a quick walk around, checked out the water and upon returning the camp host found us and ushered us into one of the large group sites.  It really was kind of him and such a blessing to us as the other places were very small.  This gave us room to move and the kids to play ball etc.

First thing in the morning we headed to the lake, cast out some lines and Lily pulled in a HUGE bream!  We were so excited – everyone caught fish, plenty big enough to eat but none as big as the first one that Lily pulled out.

Three nights was had here with as much fish as we wanted.  If you love fishing or have kids that would really love to catch something I recommend this place as a guaranteed place to get a feed.  We use chicken thigh as bait as did some others that were there.  Chicken bait stays on the hook, is cheap and works!

Our rather large private campsite - thanks camp hosts!

Our rather large private campsite – thanks camp hosts!

The beautiful Inlet

The beautiful Inlet

Gorgeous paper bark trees

Gorgeous paper bark trees

Lily has the big one!!!

Lily has the big one!!!

Tash having a go

Tash having a go

One of Dan's MANY fish

One of Dan’s MANY fish

Christine's keeper

Christine’s keeper

Lily's Bream

Lily’s Bream

Stephen's keeper

Stephen’s keeper

Fish for lunch :-)

Fish for lunch 🙂




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