The Murray River – Adelaide.

26 03 2013

Having almost stayed on the Murray in Victoria but missing it we decided to head that way in South Australia.  We chose the town of Mannum and a reserve just on the other side of the river from town.  They have two punts that cross the river and run 24 hours 7 days a week.

The camp area wasn’t quite what I was hoping for.  The river was blocked by the many willow trees and scrub.  It wasn’t quite as clean as most places and just didn’t have that relaxing feel that we’ve enjoyed at most places.  The first afternoon we were visited by the local swans and then their babies.  We thoughtlessly let the kids feed them and then realised it wasn’t such a great idea – one for the health of the birds and two as they would pester us.  They did return the next evening and we held off with any scraps for them.  Surprisingly they just fossicked around in the grass and stayed for quite some time minding their business and us ours.  Nice dinner companions I thought!

After two nights we decided take the kayak off the roof of the car, go for a paddle up the Murray, pack up, have lunch and move on.  We were hoping for somewhere close to Adelaide and were quoted anything from $40 – $68 a night to camp.  The highest even adding “that’s not grass, but a gravel site”.  We headed for a free camp although felt reluctant about it as we’d heard you couldn’t drop ANY grey water at all. That’s difficult when we wash up out of a tub and were also keen to use our camp shower.  On the way we drove through Williamstown in the Barossa Valley and noticed a small caravan park and gave them a quick call – $20 a night (nothing extra for the kids) YAY!  We stopped there and enjoyed their camp kitchen (oven, kettle, stove, sink) and showers!!!

Mum & Dad were still with us and joined us for a day trip to Adelaide to see the South Australia Museum.  I would have to say it was one of my most enjoyable museum experiences.  It is not too large and has such an amazing display of animals, aboriginal artefacts and much more that we all found very interesting.  We even got a free coffee each for filling out a survey plus entry to the museum is free!

This meteorite was found on the Nullabour - hopefully none will fall in the week or so!

This meteorite was found on the Nullabour – hopefully none will fall in the week or so!

Friendly possums at Mannum!

Friendly possums at Mannum!

The cute cygnets

The cute cygnets

A little view of the Murray

A little view of the Murray

The swans coming for bread

The swans coming for bread




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