The Grampians National Park

16 03 2013

Still with our friends Wes, Lisa, Kayala and Jake we changed our minds last minute from the Murray River and headed to the Grampians National Park.  The National Park had just announced that all bush fires were now totally under control so off west we set.  Driving into Halls Gap we stopped off at information and asked about water in the Grampians to cool off in as temps were way over 30 degress and were forecast to increase.  There is no water there this time of year was told to us.  Being a little disappointed she pointed us to a nearby lake that had free camping.  We drove out there – a lake there was but it was very low and had a terrible smell.  The camping areas were totally deserted and boy was it hot!  Thankfully National Parks spotted us driving around and we asked them a few questions.  Yes the lake in the Grampians had water, yes there is a running creek at the Smiths Mill camp ground that we can cool off in.  Back into Halls Gap we went and followed the signs to Mackenzie Falls into the National Park to find a place to camp in Smiths Mill camp ground.  We were a little nervous in getting a spot as it was the beginning of a long weekend for Victoria.  Arriving on Friday proved to be a good idea as there were still a few places to choose from.

Saturday brought the expected crowds and also my Mum & Dad!  We’d been planning to meet up for a week or so and it was great to see them Saturday evening and also great they came to fill the spot we had been saving for them all day.  We weren’t sure how much longer people would be patient about us hogging a whole site for their caravan.

The creek was lovely to cool off in and a great place to wash the dirt off the kids (with no soap as it is a water source for Horsham).  Mackenzie Falls was another delightful place to hang out in with the spay from the falls on your face and a cool breeze that swept through the valley that was absent from the top.

We sadly bid our friends farewell on the Monday as they headed up to the Murray to meet other friends and stayed a couple of days longer as Dad had a little car problem that needed fixing.  The heat increased, the flies increased as well as they currawongs that persisted in trying to steel any piece of food they could find.  Pack up day we were awakened to the wonderful relief of the heatwave being over!  It saved us having to get up early to beat the heat (our pet hate are early mornings) and we put our jackets on and got ourselves organised to move onto South Australia.

Victoria is a lovely place with much to offer and see but we want to move on and get to the other side of Australia so we can spend as much time as we can in the places that are furthest from our home.

Mackenzie Falls

Mackenzie Falls

Cooling off a little at the Falls

Cooling off a little at the Falls

The naughty Currawong

The naughty Currawong

Our camp in the Grampians with Mum & Dad

Our camp in the Grampians with Mum & Dad




One response

16 03 2013

Hi Les & Barb! Must confess to being just a tad envious of you right now. Australia is a wonderful treasure trove of God’s awesome creation & you guys are right in amongst it. Wow!
Love to you all
L xxx

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