Cloudy Bay Walk

27 01 2013

A few days ago on a windy afternoon Natasha, Daniel & I decided to head out on the 4 hour return walk from our campsite.  This time included the beach of 3km which we didn’t need to do since we were already camped up the end of the beach.  Daniel felt this was going to be good training for a Cradle Mountain walk in a few weeks and it took a bit of persuading to get him to leave the hummer behind out of his back pack, as the walk will be long enough without carrying extra weight!

Off we went – all was well for 5 minutes and then Dan already wanted someone else to carry his back pack!  The walk ended up being 1 1/2 hours to the end and was mainly uphill with a few stops to catch our breath.  The views were amazing and getting to the end very rewarding.  On the way up I spotted a little lizard but missed getting its photo.  On the return journey at the same rock I think I almost trod on the same lizard, after a couple more steps away I found another one which we all got to see and also a photo.  It is a Mountain Dragon, relative of the frilled neck lizard and thorny devil from the mainland.

The return downhill trip took us an hour with a lot encouragement to keep the youngest going.  Not being a bush walker myself I found the hills challenging, but loved the views each climb took me.  The slow pace of walking helps to see and smell all the plants and flowers.  I think I’m now a converted bush walker and looking for which one we will do next.  Unfortunately the difficulties of this walk, as it was VERY overgrown and over Dan’s head at times has turned him off all walks – we’ll await and see what we can talk him into.

smiles at the start of the walk


Smiles at the start of the walk

You still there Dan?

You still there Dan?

The other side of the mountain

The other side of the mountain

Mountain Dragon

Mountain Dragon

Cloudy Bay

Cloudy Bay

Half way round, or maybe that is over the mountain

Half way round and over the mountain




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28 01 2013


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