Hit the Track was the combination of our mechanical business Stephen had been operating for the past 15 years in Hornsby and our camper trailer hire & tour business that is now closed.  That is what it was …  NOW it is a family of six travelling around Australia discovering new places, meeting new people and experiencing new adventures.

Many families are travelling Australia and many more would like to travel – we are blogging our adventures and  keeping in touch with facebook. You are welcome to read our blogs, join our facebook page and keep in touch.

Our previous customers can still get their vehicles fully looked after at Hornsby Auto Electrical at 77 Hunter Street, Hornsby P: 9477 1893.  If you happen to notice that we are in your area and need a mechanic you can call Stephen on M: 0414 454 193.


The car we left Sydney with….

The vehicle we have now!

The vehicle we have now!


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27 03 2013

I am just starting to follow your blog. I love Australia. I live in Canada but if I was to be reborn, I would choose to be an Aussie! My husband and I travelled over half your continent by motorcycle in 5 separate trips, from Darwin to Adelaide, to the East coast all the way around and back up to Cairns and across to Darwin again! Love love love it! Thank you for blogging about your travels!

6 04 2013

You’re welcome! And what amazing trips those must have been too 🙂

9 04 2013

Hi Hit the Track Family, I’ve just nominated you for a Liebster Award. Thanks for your blog I enjoy your posts and hope you will find this an interesting award to accept! Cheers Nomewome


10 04 2013

Cool Nomewome, although I don’t know anything about it 🙂

Sent from my iPhone

10 04 2013

I didn’t either. I’m still not sure about them. I think they are just to encourage people to search other peoples blog sites and make connections. But I could be wrong? What ever the reason, I’m inspired by your adventures!

22 05 2013
Are We There Yet?

Have just found your blog and enjoying reading about your travels! Can’t wait to hit the road ourselves!

29 05 2013

Thank you! Enjoy your preparations – it’s all part of the journey too.

20 09 2013

Hey there! Would you mind if I share you blog with my facebook group?
There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content.
Please let me know. Cheers

20 09 2013
Hit the Track

No worries … Go ahead 🙂

21 09 2013

I found your blog! We’ll have a proper look at it later.

21 09 2013
Hit the Track

Cool! Lovely meeting you 🙂 xx

17 02 2015

FYI: I saw the vehicle you left in Sydney in William Street in Nambour, QLD yesterday evening, which is how I found your website today.
Great idea to hit the road; we’d love to do the same but we’re a bit long in the tooth for that but will keep an eye on your blog and watch your travels with interest.

17 02 2015
Christine McPherson

How funny Tony. We actually sold that one in Broome early last year!

18 02 2015

Well it’s here in Nambour, bold as Brass.
Red Nissan Patrol with your website along the side, but I didn’t get a lok at the plates, so it could have had WA ones on for all I know.
Must be one of Australia’s most travelled 4WDs by now.

16 04 2015

Glad to see you are out there doing what you love!! Enjoy the adventures this beautiful land has to offer.
Happy Travels!

3 07 2015
djdujd hjdu

I am sitting in McDonalds in Nambour and your vehicle just drove past; intrigued I popped your web address into google and here I am! I don’t have time to read your blog now, but I’ve added it to favourites and will be back soon. Good luck with what ever brings you to Nambour

3 07 2015
Christine McPherson

Well the funny thing is we sold that vehicle in Broome during our travels. We’re now in Sydney. But nice to know the mighty red patrol lives on 🙂

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